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Editorial Ethics

Herewith, “Reviews on Advanced Materials and Technologies” declares its adherence to internationally accepted ethical principles of publication (see “Editorial Policy” Section) and peer-reviewing (see “Peer-Review Procedure” Section) of the papers (see guidelines of the Committee of Publication Ethics).

The general rules here are:

In case of conflicts/contradictions, the Journal reserves the right to request the relevant documentation or data (records, samples, raw data, etc.) to verify the reported results.

According to COPE guidelines, the suspicion of misbehavior or alleged fraud will be a reason to carry out a proper investigation. In case when this investigation will reveal some valid concerns, the Journal will contact with the authors to give them the opportunity to solve the problem.

In case when the problems will not be solved, it may result in following:

The Journal reserves the right to inform Author’s institution(s) about the above described incidents, to make proper records in a peer review system and to ban author(s) submissions for a certain period of time.

In order to provide transparent and objective publication process, all persons involved in it (authors, reviewers, editors, etc.) must declare any reasons for conflict of interest (professional, financial or personal) accusations in connection with the paper.