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Submission and Peer Review

«Reviews on Advanced Materials and Technology» Journal focuses on publishing reviews, while the results of original studies are published in topical issues only (1-2 issues per year).

Authors should submit their papers by e-mail

The Instruction for Authors can be found here.

The description of the peer-review procedure, as well as its time schedule could be found below.

1. Confirmation email

Within 3 days

Within 3 days, the corresponding author will receive the answer from the Journal confirming the paper receipt.

The confirmation message will contain the First Decision: to send the submitted paper to reviewers or to decline it. The basic reasons for paper rejection are: paper is not a review and does not fit the focus of the topical issues planned; the topic of the paper is far from the fields covered by the Journal; numerous errors are evident without the peer-review procedure.

2. Peer-review process

Within 6-8 weeks

Within 6-8 weeks, the Journal will organize single-blind peer-review procedure. At least two experts will evaluate the manuscript, see the evaluation criteria in Guide for Experts.

3. Acceptance email

After the end of a per-review procedure, the Journal will send the message to the corresponding author with the Second Decision:

“To accept the paper”

“To accept the paper” decision means that the paper will be published in the Journal, this decision will not contain the reviewer comments.

“Accept with minor revisions”

This decision suggests that the reviewers highly evaluate the work, but some minor corrections (clarification, style, misprints, etc.) should be done. Reviewer’s comments will be sent to the corresponding author. The Journal expects the receipt of the revised paper within 30 days. Within a week, the revised paper is considered by the Editors. In case most of suggested revisions are implemented or reasonable argued, the paper will be accepted for publication. In case of the author’s disagreement with the most of the reviewer’s comments, the final decision will be formed by Editor-in-Chief.

“Major revisions are necessary”

“Major revisions are necessary” decision will require significant changes in the submitted manuscript. Reviewer’s comments will be sent to the corresponding author, the Journal expects the receipt of the revised paper within 45 days. In case of significant delay in the author’s response, the paper will be considered as a new submission. The revised paper will be sent to the reviewers; their second review will be concluded by one of the following decisions: “to accept the paper”, “accept with minor revisions”, “to decline the paper”; this decision will be the final one.

“To reject the paper”

The Journal will send the author the summary of the reviewers comments that were the reason of such a decision. In case when the reviewer’s comments are contradictory, the final decision will be formed by the Ediror-in-Chief.

4. Final proofreading

Within a month after the paper acceptance

The corresponding author will receive the pdf file with the paper for final proofreading, the Journal expects the receipt of the author’s comments within two weeks.

5. Pdf-file revision

Within two weeks

The Journal will organize pdf file revision, its second proofreading by the Editors, and final pdf-file revision. The final version of the paper will be placed at the Journal’s website in the “Issues in preparation” Section. At least, the paper will be moved to the proper Journal issue section.