ISSN 2687-0568

Volume 2 No 4 2020


Plastic Deformation of Metal/Graphene Composites with Bimodal Grain Size Distribution: a Brief Review 

A.G. Sheinerman
pages 1-8

Structure and Properties of Pseudo-Graphenes. Review

N.D. Abramenko, M.A. Rozhkov, A.L. Kolesnikova and A.E. Romanov
pages 9-26

Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Zirconia-Graphene Composites

A.G. Glukharev, V.G. Konakov and O.Yu. Kurapova
pages 27-41

Iron- and Silicon-Intercalated Graphene on Silicon Carbide: from Hybridization to Quasi-Freestanding Bilayer Graphene

E.Yu. Lobanova, E.K. Mikhailenko and G.S. Grebenyuk
pages 42-46

Photoluminescence in Mercury Cadmium Telluride – a Historical Retrospective.
Part I: 1966-1996

M.S. Ruzhevich and K.D. Mynbaev
pages 47-64