ISSN 2687-0568

Volume 2 No 3 2020


Brief Review of Kinetic Regularities of TiXCY-Ti Composites Synthesis

A.G. Knyazeva and E.N. Korosteleva
pages 1-18

Critical Conditions of Dislocation Generation in Core-Shell Nanowires: A Review

A. M. Smirnov, S. A. Krasnitckii, S.S. Rochas and M. Yu. Gutkin
pages 19-43

Sol-Gel Prepared TiO2 Photocatalyst

N.V. Chirkunova, M.M. Skryabina and M.V. Dorogov
pages 44-50

Growth Technology and Optical Properties of Bulk Crystalline Gallium Oxide

D.I. Panov, V.A. Spiridonov, D.A. Zakgeim, A.V. Kremleva, D.A. Bauman, A.E. Romanov and V.E. Bougrov
pages 51-55

Mechanisms of Deformation Twinning Near Crack Tips in Nanostructured Materials

N.V. Skiba
pages 56-63