ISSN 2687-0568

Volume 6 No 1 2024


Patterns of Grain Fragmentation During Plastic Deformation of Metals at Small to Medium Strains (Brief Review)

N. Zolotorevsky
pages 1-11

Rational Methods of Plastic Deformation Providing Formation of Ultrafine-Grained Structure in Large-Sized Products

F.Z. Utyashev, A.V. Botkin, E.P. Volkova, R.Z. Valiev
pages 12-23

Effect of Heat Treatment on Titanium Dioxide Co-Doped with Tin and Sulfur

N.V. Chirkunova, M.V. Dorogov
pages 24-28

A Brief Review on Mechanisms of Plastic Deformation and Fracture Toughness Enhancement in Bimodal Metal-Graphene Composites with Nanotwinned Structure

N.V. Skiba
pages 29-34

Comparison of Interatomic Potentials for Modeling Defects in Graphene Using Molecular Dynamics

M.A. Rozhkov, A.L. Kolesnikova, A.E. Romanov
pages 35-42