ISSN 2687-0568

Volume 5 No 4 2023


The Effect of Laser Shock Peening on the Thermophysical Parameters of Metals

Rustam Sabirov, Anastasia Iziumova, Aleksei Vshivkov, Elena Gachegova, Ivan Panteleev, Oleg Plekhov
pages 1-5

Estimation of the Parameters of Free Space Quantum Key Distribution System Depending on the Insertion Losses

O.A. Solomatin, D.Yu. Balovnev
pages 6-10

Experimental Study of the Hydraulic Fracture Formation and Propagation

Sergey Turuntaev, Evgeny Zenchenko, Petr Zenchenko, Mariia Trimonova, Elena Novikova
pages 11-19

Kinematics of Dislocations in NaCl Crystals with Different Impurities

M.V. Koldaeva, E.A. Petrzhik, V.I. Alshits, E.V. Darinskaya, A.Yu. Belov
pages 20-25

On the Existence of Phonon Coherent States in Nanomaterials

E.V. Orlenko, F.E. Orlenko
pages 26-34