ISSN 2687-0568

Volume 5 No 2 2023


Models of Toughening of Ceramic/Graphene Composites: a Brief Review

A.G. Sheinerman
pages 1-9

Preparation of Ga2O3 Thin Films by Sol-Gel Method—a Concise Review

X. Zhang, V.A. Spiridonov, D.I. Panov, I.M. Sosnin, A.E. Romanov
pages 10-24

A Brief Review on Theoretical Models of Deformation Twinning at Locally Distorted Grain Boundaries

N.V. Skiba
pages 25-31

Effects of Hardening by Annealing and Softening by Additional Plastic Deformation in Ultrafine-Grained Al and Al-Based Alloys: Brief Review

T.S. Orlova, M.Yu. Gutkin
pages 32-55

Titanium Dioxide for Hydrogen Economy: a Brief Review

N.V. Chirkunova, N. Islavath, M.V. Dorogov
pages 56-76