ISSN 2687-0568

Volume 4 No 3 2022


Stress Relaxation Due to Dislocation Formation in Orthorhombic Ga2O3 Films Grown on Al2O3 Substrates

A.M. Smirnov, A.Yu. Ivanov, A.V. Kremleva, Sh.Sh. Sharofidinov, A.E. Romanov
pages 1-6

A Two-Level Approach to Describing the Process of Composite Synthesis

A.G. Knyazeva
pages 7-16

Discrete Differential Operators Immediately Applicable to Numerical Models of Solid Mechanics

A.A. Zisman, N.Yu. Ermakova
pages 17-22

Spark Sensor Based on Lithium-Potassium-Aluminophosphate Borate Glass Doped with Eu

V.A. Spiridonov, L.V. Azina, D.I. Panov, A.L. Kolesnikova
pages 23-27

Misfit Stress in Radial Core-Shell Nanowires with Diffuse Interface Boundaries

A.S. Khramov, S.A. Krasnitckii, A.M. Smirnov
pages 28-34

Numerical Simulation of Light Extraction from Remote Phosphor LED

S.N. Lipnitskaya, I.I. Dudko, I.G. Smirnova
pages 35-41

A System for Visual Display of Changes in the Physiological State of Patients with Chronic Disorders Using Data Transmission via Optical Wireless Communication

S.A. Vostrikova, D.S. Shiryaev, I.G. Smirnova, V.E. Bougrov, E.A. Kondratieva
pages 42-46

Fabrication and Testing of Substrates Made from Bulk Gallium Oxide Crystals by the Cleavage Method

D.A. Bauman, D.I. Panov, V.A. Spiridonov, V.V. Lundin, S.N. Rodin, N.D. Prasolov, A.L. Kolesnikova
pages 47-51

Analysis of Wire Bonding Pull-off/Shear Force for Various Wire Materials and Contact Pads

A.V. Kamarchuk, K.R. Razzhivina, A.I. Marchenko, D.A.Bauman
pages 52-55